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Bentley Continental GTC Wind Deflector



Extend your top-down season
The reduction of air movement increases the effect of your car heater. The wind deflector redirects wind out of the back of your convertible and thus leads to the formation of a heat cushion in the passenger compartment.  Drive your convertible with the top down in all seasons. 

Reduction of the noise level
Without the loud wind turbulence, you can drive in peace with the top down. You will be able to enjoy the audio system of your car, talk with passengers, and make telephone calls. Traveling at highway speeds for several hours is no longer exhausting.

A wind deflector will not impair rear vision and complies with all safety regulations. 

Easy installation & 100% guaranteed fit
 All wind deflectors are tailor-made for a specific model and type of car, this way a perfect fit is insured. The raising or lowering of the top is not affected by the wind deflector, it can stay in place with top up or down.

No. 1 accessory for convertibles
Wind deflectors are a popular accessory for convertibles. You will drive your convertible more often and longer with a wind deflector. Cabrio Supply offers wind deflectors for most modern and classic convertibles. Wind deflector, wind stop, wind screen, draft-stop, or wind blocker whatever name is used will ensure a relaxed drive.

Bentley Continental GTC Wind Deflector
Bentley Continental GTC Wind Deflector
Bentley Continental GTC Wind Deflector
Bentley Continental GTC Wind Deflector